The HomeBase Server

Research Subject: Homing endonucleases and gene targeting
Researcher: Prof. Tal Pupko, Prof. Martin Kupiec

HomeBase is a collection of homing endonucleases and their predicted target sequences.
This server allows you to search a DNA sequence of choice for putative targets of homing endonucleases listed in HomeBase

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When using HomeBase please cite:
Barzel, A., Privman, E., Peeri., M., Naor, A., Shachar, E., Burstein, D., Lazary, R., Gophna, U., Pupko, T., and Kupiec, M.
Native homing endonucleases can target conserved genes in humans and in animal models. Nucleic Acids Research, 2011. 39 (15): 6646-6659.